SEO (Search Engine Optimization )-Steps to Get the Best of Traffic

p>Unless your website is visible, you are not going to get any visitors. If no one visits your website it is virtually useless. SEO is the process of making your website visible to potential customers. SEO is mainly used to raise web site‘s rank in various search engines like Google, yahoo etc in order to get high public hits on a web site. If you are getting good hits on you web page, you are surely having good online business. Through this article I will be helping you in getting few inside facts about proper optimization of your web site. So here we go.

To have a suitable optimization t for maintaining a good web site. Proper use of keywords and density of keyword is first step of maintaining a good web site. So try to use good keywords in your web site and density of keywords should be appropriate which will help search engines in finding you web site. Adding tags and meta tags is a very old and working trick for proper optimization of our web site. Link Exchange used to be an old method of making your web site popular but still it can help you in bringing few traffic on your web site. Constant use of unique content helps visitors to visit your web site again and again. I have seen many guys advising me to submit my web site to various search engines. Long before, when we guys don’t use SEO technique on our web site, we used to submit our site to search engines so that they can find us easily. But after applying SEO techniques, we need not to submit our sites to them because presence of keywords and meta tags will help in finding our web site automatically and very easily.

Above mentioned ways of optimizing your sites are basic ways mostly used by various guys. Now here I will mention few other ways of SEO which mostly guys don’t know. Try to add few more things in your web site like creating web site related forum, adding chat box on web site, timely answering queries of visitors helps in getting good traffic on web site. You should also ask others for link exchange with your web site. This will help in creating lots of back links for your web site. Another amazing procedure which mostly guys don’t know is creating “Crawler File“. Create a file named ”robots.txt” and update it regularly and should be properly configured with your web site helps in getting good traffic. Building your web site in crawler friendly manner will make your web site slightly better than others. Keep one thing in mind that search engine developers always tries to consider those sites only which are having user friendly interaction with visitors.

Always keep these tricks in mind while optimizing your web site. Apply SEO techniques on your web site and feel the difference with in few time


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