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DesignzBox appreciates their readers, with out them this website would be useless, so we would like to give our reader a chance to be apart of making DesignzBox on the market by allowing them to write and get paid for doing it.

If You want to write and publish design related articles to Designzbox drop me a line or two. Why You should want to do that? I am regularly updating content, publishing it in every possible way to get people coming to this site. And audience is growing fast already, you have a great chance to say your opinion and get listened.  It’s great feeling to see people evaluating your work, you have a great chance to get known with really small effort.

If you have no experience working with WordPress, no worries, You can write article in any text format and I will publish it for You.

Advantages and Requirements

So I created a list so you can see what you can achieve and what’s required, if you are contributing on 1stwebdesigner:

  1. Full name, second name
  2. Short biography about Yourself to get people to know You;
  3. Website URL – if You are writing blog already, You’ll have a great chance to leave backlink, so  people can read more about You and Your articles
  4. Gravatar or avatar – add small image, so people can easily identify You, gravatars are used usually in comments worldwide, twitter etc.
  5. Actually I post every article in these sites   to make sure people come to this site and actually read new article and that means – more exposure for You!


Time has gone and I am paying now 30-40$ for an article based on it’s quality! I know it’s not much, but I think it’s good start and stay with us to see this site grow a lot bigger in next few years! Ready to join us and contribute for design community as well???

Taking Action

If You are interested just send me a message and I will create an account for You, so You can write every time You want and hopefully together we’ll create better community here. And feel free to ask any question, I will explain You everything. You can also mail me for more details! Thanks!

To get more details and personal response write to us to shaunnafarley@gmal.com and we’ll discuss specifics and how our collaboration will work out! 🙂

Guest e-mails are managed regularly ,just to make sure you get responded quickly!


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